Happy Hour

Happy Hour Pizzettas

$6 – $8 thin & crispy, grilled pies

Happy Hour Snacks

Rotating seasonal selection – all $5.  


Goat Cheese Croquettes

w/ red sauce, capers & grilled house baguette

Fries, Large

fresh cut w/ sea salt & house ketchup. Small fries – $6.50

Spaghetti Squash snack

local squash w/ tomato sauce & parmesan


two crispy saffron risotto balls filled w/ house mozzarella on red sauce

House meatballs

two w/ red sauce, parmesan & grilled house baguette

Zucchini fries

local, seasoned, crispy w/ garlic aioli

Winter Charcuterie

Mortadella, manchego, giardiniera, cherry mostarda & grilled baguette

Broccoli Rabe

sauteed w/ Calabrian chili vinaigrette & shaved parmesan




fire roasted w/ EVO, salt & pepper

Fire Roasted Carrots

w/ carrot top chimichurri & pearl onions

Salads, Plates & Bowls

the Limestone Salad, large

romaine, local pea shoots, carrots, radish & parsley w/ lemon vinaigrette & romano.  Small Limestone – $5.50

the Other Salad, large

romaine, local pea shoots w/ parmesan dressing & house croutons. Small Other – $6.

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roasted beet, sweet potato, parsnip, carrot, brussels sprout, wheat berries, fresh arugula w/ red wine, dijon vinaigrette & grilled baguette

Spaghetti Squash Salad

roasted local squash, radicchio, feta, saison cherries & pepitas w/ arugula & pea shoots in onion vinaigrette served w/  grilled house baguette

Mushroom Risotto

in roasted local acorn squash. Add crispy prosciutto + 5.50

Pork Raviolis

local ground pork, vodka sauce, parmesan & grilled house baguette


“little ear” pasta, local greens, house sausage, crushed tomato & pecorino romano


hearty soup of caramelized onions, potatoes & vegetable broth topped w/ gruyere toast

Steak & Barley Soup

local beef, barley, carrots, tomatoes, pearl onions, mushrooms, fresh herbs & grilled baguette



tomato sauce, house mozzarella & basil oil

Toulouse & Apple

house made rustic sausage, local apples & aged cheddar w/ fig syrup




local bacon, gruyère, local egg & swiss chard

Bianco e Nocci

reduced cream, garlic & basil oil, red onion, mozzarella, gruyere & parmesan w/ crushed pistachios, lemon zest & cracked pepper

Big Kahuna

house Canadian bacon, red sauce, mozzarella, caramelized pineapple & fresnos




house-made w/ tomato sauce & house mozzarella

Fig & Arugula

Black Mission figs, gruyère fresh local arugula & winter greens w/ balsamic reduction

the Spud

the Spud


thinly sliced potatoes, onions, creme fraiche, bacon & rosemary




criminis, buttons, shiitakes, reduced cream & gruyère




carnitas pork & gruyère w/ roasted tomato salsa, onions & cilantro

Brussels Sprouts

sliced brussels,reduced cream, gruyere, bacon, saison-cherries & gastrique

Ham & Kale

Smoked ham, kale, gruyere & Calabrian chili gastrique




w/ house mozzarella & tomato sauce

Happy Herbivore

tomato sauce, mushrooms, local winter greens, red onion, black olives, gruyere & feta

OG Greens

OG Greens


local greens, reduced cream, gruyere & gastrique

Love Supreme

reduced cream & gruyère w/ greens, pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, black olives, shishito peppers

the NOLA

the NOLA


house Canadian bacon, shredded pepperoni, mozzarella & reduced cream topped w/ olive salad & sesame seeds


Salted Caramel Budino

w/ chocolate ganache & whipped cream

Chocolate Brownie

w/ vanilla gelato, caramel sauce & pistachio brittle

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

w/ vanilla gelato & cherry coulis

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w/ frosty cranberries and crisp almond cookies




3 Scoops. Vanilla, chocolate & rotating 3rd flavor.

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